Introducing Mr and Mrs Sophie & Ralph

As I walked over to the groom’s hotel, I paused to take in the beauty of Barbados. A wedding in Barbados is a dream come true for many couples, and its not hard to see why. Clear blue skies, white sandy beaches, turquoise seas and laid-back locals. As a destination wedding photographer, you live for the type of setting that a wedding in Barbados offers because it makes it even easier to produce wedding photography that will take your client’s breath away. I was looking forward to two things; the beautiful wedding that would be taking place and the killer tan I knew I’d get in the 30-degree sunshine.
The groom and groom’s men were staying in the Yellow Bird Hotel in St Lawrence Gap. The views were spectacular. It was obvious to see why the couple chose to have their destination wedding in Barbados just from being at this hotel. The staff did everything possible to ensure you had an enjoyable stay, and you could tell they were having a great time. The guys were happy. Happy to be in Barbados. Happy to be together. Happy that they were celebrating the marriage of Sophie and Ralph. It was the type of happiness you only really get with a destination wedding; happiness minus the stress. As usual, I started taking pictures of all the minute details. The groom’s aftershave, his jewellery, his shoes; anything that without due care, you could forget in years to come. As a wedding photographer, I understand the importance of making sure you remember the finer details of your wedding, because you know your wife will be testing you in a few years’ time!

The secret to great wedding photography?… The “P” word.

The guys were in such good spirits it wasn’t difficult to capture the chemistry between them. Even when getting them to pose. Wait… did I just say the ‘P’ word! Yes. Yes, I did. I know a few photographers object to posing when doing wedding photography. They only want to take “natural shots”. I believe that photography is art, and wedding photography should be no different. As a destination wedding photographer, it is my job to create a wedding photography album that couples will still be happy with in years to come. To achieve this, posing is essential. At times the guys didn’t even know I was getting them to pose; those are my favourite shots.
The bridal party were just as relaxed as the groom’s men. Laughing, jokes and compliments were all I could hear when I walked in the room. The bride was as tranquil as the setting of her Barbados wedding. Just like before, I captured the details. The jewellery. The perfume. The glint in her eye when she realised how beautiful she looked in her wedding dress. Capturing precious moments like that is the difference between good wedding photography and great wedding photography. I love when the bride looks through the album for the first time, and they see that look in their eye again. Its what makes me love being a wedding photographer.

Tradition and beauty: Perfect for a wedding in Barbados

The ceremony took place at St Dominic’s Roman Catholic Church in St Lawrence Gap which is a popular choice for many couples having their wedding in Barbados. A beautiful yet understated round building with large beams running down a tent-like ceiling. It was a traditional Roman Catholic ceremony in a church steeped in history. Surprisingly, (and thankfully) the church was cool for what was such a hot day, and the lighting was just right. I was able to get some fantastic pictures of Sophie and Ralph after the ceremony in the grounds of the church. The deep green grass and the views of the sea were perfect for post-ceremony pictures as husband and wife. I know there are plenty of couples that never get a chance to go back to the place where they had their wedding. This why it is important for a destination wedding photographer to capture the details in the landscape in their photographs. I always have the aim of making the couples feel like they are transported right back to that day when they look at their wedding photography. The smile the bride gave when I called her Mrs Sophie for the first time was incredible. It is important to draw out the emotions the couples are feeling as a wedding photographer. Sometimes, they can get so concerned with what is happening around them, that the real emotion stays hidden below the surface. Wedding photography isn’t just about great poses and great settings, it’s about capturing the feelings they felt on their wedding day

Belleview Plantation: A dream come true for a destination wedding photographer

The reception was held at Belleview Plantation. I need to take a moment to say “wow”. This place had it all. A unique, luxurious white building surrounded by palm trees with its own impressive private beach. If you’re getting married in Barbados and want wedding photography that will take your breath away every time you look at it, the Belleview Plantation will give you a great setting. It wouldn’t hurt to have me as your destination wedding photographer either! This was a stunning location to celebrate getting married in Barbados. And everybody really was ready for a celebration! The food was incredible, the atmosphere was vibrant, and the music had everyone on their feet. It was the perfect end to this tropical island destination wedding.
I would like to thank Sophie and Ralph for inviting me to be their Barbados wedding photographer. Your wedding was nothing short of beautiful. I wish you all the best with a lifetime filled with love and happiness.