Dumitrel Rada

Telling your story through photography

Photography Is Art…

I come from a fashion photography background which is great for my couples, I’m used to coaching and coercing, to create an image that wouldn’t be out of place in a high end magazine.

Whilst a large part of a successful image is usually instinct, a major factor is the science. From creative framing of shots to a mastery of lighting, I apply all of my tricks, techniques and training to ensure you both look your very best.”

I believe…

Welcome to an experience which will culminate in images that look like the both of you have just stepped out of a high-end fashion magazine. Why? Because you deserve it. Your best you…

Whether natural or constructed, I will work with you to finesse the image you’d like to create. Set the vision you’d like brought to life and develop that dream into reality, with my stunning shoots and fabulous post-production techniques.

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